Composing and exporting over 5000 notes....

Imagine Home wishes to raise money in order to give young refugees the chance to practice music. Young people who were forced to leave their country and their music behind. By giving them the chance to play music in our music academies, we want them to have a meaningful fulfillment in their spare time.

What went before

During September Rudi Vranckx brought 100 music instruments to the music school of Nabeel and his students in Mosul, Iraq. The school was destroyed by ISIS.

Canvas named the campaign ‘Imagine Mosul’. 
‘You give us hope’, said Nabeel. ’Music provides comfort, support and happiness. It brings hope back into our lives.’

How does it work?

You don't just donate money, you buy music notes in order to bring the composition ‘Imagine Home’ to life. This piece was created by composer Peter Baert in collaboration with young refugees in Belgium and Nabeel in Mosul.

The piece has over 5000 notes and was composed so that every note could be exported as a separate file.

In the end the piece will be aired as an podcast connecting the story of Mosul with the musicians in Belgium.

Because the more music notes people buy, the more the music piece takes shape.

Once the piece is complete, the contributor gets the scoop of listening to the complete composition.

Thanks to my team : 

Sound Engineers : Lars Overstijns, Pierre Dozin, Michael Dylst

Creative Coach : Liesbeth Demolder

Radio Production : Jérôme Gijsen

Music : Peter Baert, Sound Of Home
Composer : Peter Baert
Soundstudio : Raygun
Senior Sound Engineer : Peter Baert



Client : Canvas
Contacts : Bob Madou, Bette Van den Briel, Marjolijn Van Boxel, Jeroen Vissenaekens, Vincent Merckx
Agency : mortierbrigade
CD : Jens Mortier 
CD : Philippe De Ceuster 
CD : Joost Berends 
Creation : Nicolas Mouquet
Creation : Geoffrey Masse
Strategy : Dorien Mathijssen
Digital Strategy : Laura Deknock
Producer : Lore Meert
PR Manager : Anne-Cécile Collignon
Digital Director : Pieter Nijs
Digital Project Manager : Jeroen De Bock
Design : Pieter Nijs
Front end : Steven Vanhercke, Geoffrey Vandamme, Sten Van Den Bergh
Back end : Arnor D’Haenens, Ben Maes
DOP & Editing : Louk Voncken


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